This is not a complete list of possible emergencies.  If you suspect your pet is experiencing an emergent need, please call us.  

After hours, your call will be directed to our Call Center and the on-call doctor will be paged.  If you do not get a call back within an hour, please try again.

Please note, that while we strive to be available for your pet when they need us, it is not always possible.  The doctor may be assisting another emergency and unable to respond right away.  Please be advised we reserve the right to refer you to an emergency facility based on your pet's needs and our ability to meet those needs.  During regular business hours, this may result in a diversion to another facility.  Reasons for diversion include: our current case load, available staff, and/or available hospital space.  Understand, we take your pet's health very seriously.  If we refer you elsewhere, it is because we are keeping your pet's best interest in the forefront of our decision as well as those pets already in our care.  Thank you for understanding.  

If you suspect your pet is experiencing an emergency, please be very aware of the ferry schedule and the availability of flights to another clinic in case of referral or diversion.  Plan ahead.