Preference is given to all pre-scheduled appointments and surgeries. Emergency cases receive top priority, followed by patients with previously scheduled appointments. Walk-in clients are welcome, however, space is limited.

No Show-Fee: We appreciate at least a 24 hour notification prior to the cancellation of your appointment. A $20 fee will be applied to your account with reasonable consideration of circumstances, including unforeseen emergencies or sickness. 

Drop-Off Appointment: We will accept drop-off appointments on fully-scheduled days. However, we appreciate it if your can bring your pet in usually in the morning just after opening hours, so that the veterinarian can examine the pet in between appointments or whenever most convenient for our veterinary team. We appreciate as much information about your pet and the primary problem your pet is facing. We will schedule a pick up time so that our doctor can discuss the findings with you. 

Appointment Policy

A veterinary client-patient relationship (VCPR) needs to be established for any new patient and requires up to date information for all regular patients seen by Orcas Veterinary Service. As your primary veterinary service provider, we want to ensure that the proper protocols are followed, that your pet receives proper care and treatment, and that the correct medications are dispensed. This may involve annual examinations and/or blood work.

Orcas Veterinary Service requires payment in full at the time of services. We accept cash, personal checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Care Credit.

We also understand that sometimes unfortunate accidents do occur and we are never ready for unexpected expenses. In certain situations, we can set you up with a payment plan, with a 20% downpayment on the day of the service, followed by monthly installments until paid. Further services and products cannot be added to the current bill. However, a 2% finance charge is incurred every 30 days (24% finance charge/year).

Purchasing pet insurance may be another option. This typically is recommended when your pet is healthy and to avoid unexpected finances as your pet gets older.

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Billing Policy

Hospital Policy