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Heart filled with adult heartworms!


Our pets are our hunters, gatherers and grazers! They can pick things from the environment including drinking water from dirty sources, etc. Some parasites are also transmitted from mosquito bites or from fly larvae.

Protect your pet(s) from getting infested by submitting a fecal sample. In case you suspect heartworm disease or would like to start on heartworm prevention, a blood test is required.

Right-Whipworm  Left-Roundworm



* In Effect until December 31, 2016, when you buy 3 doses, you will get 1 free!

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We like to think that our pets are never exposed to these parasites but unfortunately, they are always vulnerable whether they are indoors or outdoors. Your pet is their food cart.

Not seeing adult fleas does not mean that your pet "does not have fleas." Adult fleas make up about 5 % of flea population while the other 95% consists of eggs, larvae and pupae (which can be found on their bedding, carpet, yard, etc)

Fleas and ticks transmit diseases and some can be fatal if not treated. This includes plague, Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, and tularemia. Other zoonotic diseases (what we can pick from our pets) include tapeworms.

Ectoparasites - Fleas/Ticks/Mites