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Important Information

Boarding Reservations 

Boarding is on a temporary hold! 

Lifetime Pet Care Cost Study

Synchrony bank in conjunction with CareCredit Veterinary Partners recently published the results of a study concerning lifetime pet care costs.  This study found that almost half of pet owners were not financially ready for the expense associated with pet ownership.  To learn more, read the study! *Please note, the spay/neuter costs reflected in the study do not include peripheral charges such as anesthesia, labs, hospitalization, medications, etc. 

Surgical Services Expanded

Dr. Michael Boero, a board certified veterinary orthopedic surgeon, has joined our team as a visiting surgeon.  He specializes in CCL repair, fracture repair, luxating patella stabilization, and general abdominal surgery.


We can now accommodate larger dog spays, ortho cases, and on a limited basis urgent/emergent abdominal surgical cases (foreign bodies, splenectomies, etc).  

Lobby Open!

Our lobby is open and we have returned to regular services post-Covid.  

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